The growing need for faster and more efficient business processes is driving organizations to invest in upgrading and migrating their mission critical applications and databases. This ensures a single integrated platform across the enterprise. However, upgrades bring with them the dangers of risk and disruption, especially when data migration is involved and the information infrastructure is widely deployed or extensively customized. Some of the frequently reported challenges in data migration include application downtime, technical compatibility issues, data corruption, application performance issues, and data loss.

Neo Consulting helps organization migrate their data faster and with fewer risks using industry-leading tools and technologies, best-practice methodologies, and end-to-end services. Our technology experts work with you to create a cost-effective, quick and hassle free database migration plan for applications in Oracle, MSSQL, MSAccess or MySQL. Our data migration process defines what data needs to be migrated, tests the ability to extract data from source, map/aggregates data from source to destination, documents mapping, builds scripts to perform mapping, and tests and refines migration scripts​

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