Healthcare Analytics

Our tool can provide the mechanism to sort through a torrent of complexity and data, and help healthcare organizations deliver on its demands.

Revenue Cycle Management

Optimizes cashflow and improves collections by bringing complex patient accounting data into a unified view. This solution exposes the black holes, bottlenecks and outliers that result in lost revenue for health care organizations.

Activity Management

Track, analyze, and improve asset performance and equipment effectiveness. Our asset analytics software is designed to help capital-intensive companies enhance asset utilization and longevity, reduce risk and downtime, and increase output – with real-rime asset visibility and decision-ready insights.​

Financial Analytics

Captures financial data to help measure activity, monitor trends, and evaluate processes with an eye toward improvement.

• Gain insight into financial performance.
• Accelerate the speed at which accurate and     timely data is acted upon.
• Increase confidence in financial decisions.